Anti – Corruption training

It is organized by Stromme Foundation on 24th of October 2019 at Valvuthayam conference hall, Mannar. Valvuthayam staff including field animators 27 participants gained knowledge and skills to establish anti corruption mechanism in their working places.

As the first event of the day, Rev.Fr.S.Anton, the director of Caritas-Valvuthayam opened up the day with his welcome speech. Mr.Tony Senevirathna the key resource person of the training thanked the participation of all staff and field animators. Then he recalled the ToT training conducted for staff and the members of community based organizations in previous months. He concluded saying that the Anti-Corruption follow up training would continue up to the end of SF SEEDS programme in Sri Lanka, 2021.

Participants wrote up their training expectations:

  1. How to eradicate corruption from Sri Lanka?
  2. Anti-corruption mechanism in the field
  3. What is anti-corruption
  4. Tools to control corruption
  5. Rules and regulations against corruptions
  6. Challenges while working against corruption

The participants were divided in to 4 groups to work on the anti-corruption efforts in field. The group members very actively presented their inputs and few groups staged drama to express their findings on anti-corruption efforts. The day was a fruitful experience and a good opportunity for the participants to learn the concept of anti-corruption and tools to address corruption in their fields.

Finally, with an action plan for next coming months the training programme came to an end at 4pm.

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