Workshop for CBR Workers.

Under the Kinder Mission Project, Caritas – Valvuthayam and Caritas – Vanni HUDEC organized a work shop for CBR workers on 11, 12/12/2021 at Caritas-Vanni HUDEC office main Hall.

The workshop was started with the welcoming speech of Rev.Fr. S. Sebajeevan the Director of Caritas-Vanni HUDEC Director. He also explain the purpose of the work shop.

The intention of this work shop was early intervention. This work shop was facilitated by Mr. Awaday Divagaran, Trainer  and 31 number of the participants were participated in this work shop including 17 participants from Caritas –Valvuthayam Mannar, and 14 participants from Caritas- HUDEC, Vanni.

The following topics were discussed during this workshop.

  • Individual assessment and planning out early intervention (Medical and community)
  • Developing Individual development plan (In guidance with CBR Matrix)
  • Home-based Education /interventions for severely disabled
  • The importance of setting target for each CWDs based on assessment sheet
  • Utilizing the support of community stakeholders in the process of rehabilitation
  • The needs and the importance of Assistive Devices for different children with various disabilities.
  • The importance of involvement of the family members and neighborhood caregivers and support groups in each activity during the home based intervention.
  • Formation of mothers and caregivers group.
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