Participatory Rural Appraisal for Resource identification.

The PRA programme inaugurated by the M&E officer with an introduction the Caritas – Valvuthayam activities and Food Security project. Then beneficiaries were divided into groups. Each group was given with a tool such as village history, Village Map, Resource Map and Time line map diagram etc. At last each group made a presentation on the outcome of their group work. At the end of the each group presentation the gaps were indicated and identified by the members of other groups.

Villagers                                                   Programme Date        No of participants

  1. Rasamadhu                                               18.03.2019                         40
  2. Eruvittan                                                   16.05.2019                         59
  3. Madhukarai                                              04.04.2019                         23
  4. Saddiyarmagan kattaiyadampan           09.04.2019                         27
  5. Neeravipuram                                          11.04.2019                         47
  6. Perikarikandal                                          08.04.2019                        35
  7. Jeevnagar                                                 09.05.2019                         45

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