Case study of Miss. Christina Jeevamalar

Miss Christina Jeevamalar is an unmarried woman living with her mother at Periya Karisal. They were living in a temporary hut since they returned from India. Her mother is a cancer patient and she has undergone three major surgeries who depends with her daughter for her daily duties. She cannot run on her own. The both the mother and her daughter were struggling without proper home. She earns a small income by making crafts, and she also sell some cloths.

They had no option for getting a home with minimum utilities. They were rejected from the list of beneficiaries selected by DS Office Mannar due to scoring system. Knowing the project by Caritas-Valvuthayam, they approached the Director with a request letter and clearly explained their situation. After the base line survey, Director selected her for a housing scheme.  

Now she has completed house work and has added additional utilities such as attached bathroom with western style commode. Her mother said now she feel much comfortable with the new home and attached bathroom. As to convey her thanks she invited the Director for the house warming ceremony.

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