Casestudy of a SHG member the kidney patient

I am, Mr.Jekanath from Pannaivedduvan village, a father of four children. My wife is a housewife. In the beginning of my married life through leasing I had a tractor, hires van and started good business of river sand. Later, very strict orders were put in place to stop illegal river sand business thereby I could not repay the leasing company. Loss of all my vehicle and business created mental stress, worries and family problems that which led to kidney failure at last.

As a kidney failure patient, doctors advised me not to involve in any hard work activities namely gardening and labour work. I could not make any income for my family and even unable to feed my children. Initially my brothers and sisters helped financially for my medical treatments and later stopped because they too have families. I felt like committing suicide rather than becoming burden to my family.

At this time of my inner struggle, Caritas-Valvuthayam came to my house explaining the benefit of developing a family development plan and becoming a member of Self Helped Groups for loan facilities. In the FDP, our first dream was to kick-start the bakery business because I had good experience and skills in the business and the send dream was to build a big house. My wife became a member of SHG. We got loan Rs.10000 from SHG and some baking vessels from my previous boss to kick-start the bakery business. My wife and children supported me physically to prepare the oven out of clay and a temporary shed. With this minimum scale of facilities, a seed was laid to bring my first dream true learning the income of Rs.1000-1200 per day.

In order to increase my daily production, I did not have enough baking vessels. So, Caritas – Valvuthayam with the collection of SHG members from Kaddaiyadampan our neighbor village donated Rs.10000 to buy the additional vessels.

By this unforgettable support, I am earning Rs.1200-15000 per day. I am producing sweets, packing and supplying to local shops. With the full support of my wife and children in baking and packing, it is running like an enterprise.

Big thanks to Caritas-Valvuthayam and Stromme Foundation for making my life meaningful for my family and society. Doctors are asking Rs.600,000 for my kidney transfer but I am not in a position to afford it rather I am happy and quite confident that even if I happen to die today, my wife and children will never go to the house of others for financial help rather they will use the skills and experience to run this business continuously and look after themselves well.

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