Prosthetic devices were delivered to the amputees at Batticaloa.

Through the CFD unit, Caritas-Valvuthayam conducted 3 mobile P&O clinic services at Batticaloa to assess and deliver the Prosthetic devices for the selected beneficiaries from the district of Batticaloa.

Altogether 16 number of below knee and above knee prosthetic users were selected in the 1st round of assistance from the several areas of the district of Batticaloa to seek this service.

A Denmark based organization called VSFEE (Vani Social Foundation for Economic Empowerment) organized this remarkable event with their major funding source along with a part of contribution from Caritas-Valvuthayam too.

These devices were assessed in the month of March and they were delivered to the beneficiaries in the very next month of April 2021.

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