Community Collaboration Shines: Mannar’s Beach Cleaning Initiative Clears Polythene and Plastic Pollution.
Empowering Future Leaders: Enhancing Leadership and Communication Skills in Students
Psycho-Social and Family Counseling Workshop Empowering CBO Members to Address Social Issues
Livelihood Revolving Loan Scheme Empowers Self-Help Groups in Mannar District for Sustainable Livelihood Activities
Building Resilient Communities: DRRM Awareness Session Empowers Self Help Groups and CBOs
“Caritas-Valvuthayam Organizes Photography Basic Training to Empower Youth and Staff”
Mannar District takes action to clean up Bengal Bird Sanctuary and raise awareness on littering.
Caritas-Valvuthayam program provides career guidance training for Mannar district’s youth with Misereor’s financial support.
Caritas-Valvuthayam and Misereor Rehabilitate Unused Public Well in Mannar Southbar Village on World Water Day
“Fostering Collaboration for Environmental Management: Partnership Building Meeting between Stakeholders and Village Level Environmental Groups in Maduroad, Mannar”

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Your donation towards our work may be made by cheque drawn in favour of: “Caritas Valvuthayam” and posted to Mannar, Sri Lanka.

All contributions, however big or small, will be used for humanitarian service rendered by our organization, especially for the needy, the marginalized, and the voiceless communities. If you have a particular area of preference or a cause you wish to support (e.g., Centre for Disabled, Education Assistance, Support for CWDs (CBR Project), Agiamondo, Livelihood Support, Food Security, Village Animation, Religious Amity, Healing & Reconciliation, Environment Project, Emergency Response, Vocational Training Institute), please feel free to indicate such information when sending your donation.

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